The link between amygdalae and blogging

I am a rock, I am an island. But I’m trying to get better.

The amygdala is a relatively tiny part of the brain. It functions as a sorting station to link other parts of the brain and to send stimuli to the right places. It is involved in the attachment of emotional significance to memory. It is the reason that the smell of cookies makes us nostalgic, the sight of a certain person makes us anxious, and the sound of breaking waves makes us feel calm.

My brain is in the process of retraining. The emotions don’t match the memories. The responses don’t match the stimuli. I am a rock, but not a voluntary one. I am an Island, but there is a referendum underway to reconnect me to the mainland.

Which brings me to blogging. The telling of stories helps us to rewire the brain and reattach emotional significance to the memories we have. The act of being creative helps to balance the tendency to over-rely on logic as a coping mechanism. The act of doing this publicly is cathartic and enormously helpful in bridging that gap between the island and the mainland.


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